The goal of Australian Engineers & Technical Tradies is to promote the capabilities and talent within the Australian engineering & technical trades industries and showcase local achievements in technology and innovation.

Australia has a distinct lack of people pursuing technical occupations and we hope to change this and inspire people to take up technical careers. The fact is, Australian engineers and technical tradespeople are some of the best qualified in the world, and we need to focus on promoting their industry successes and achievements in order to grow Australia’s reputation as an engineering talent hub.

Australian Engineers and Technical Tradies is also committed to campaigning and building awareness of the following causes that we deem of utmost importance to ensure that we have a strong technological future in Australia, for generations to come:

  • To bring back a Government focus on building a sustainable and strong local manufacturing sector.
  • To create a diverse and balanced technical industry in Australia and to encourage more women into STEM and technical trades.
  • To promote Australian engineering capabilities to the rest of the world and to encourage other countries to utilise our industry and purchase our products.

At the core, we are a collaboration of industry and individuals who are passionate about building Australia’s engineering and technical trades sector. In achieving our goals, we strive to bring you exciting and relevant content, whilst providing a platform for those in the industry to promote their achievements and successes. We rely on those at the forefront of the industry to provide us with REAL-TIME and accurate information.

We are always looking for new, bold and thought provoking content; so if you are wish to submit an opinion piece or editorial relevant to the Australian professional engineering or technical trades industry, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@australianengineers.com.au.


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Parkes Radio Telescope



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