In Focus

Aaron Powter

High School Engineering Teacher

Aaron started his professional life at age 15 undertaking an apprenticeship as a motor mechanic. This experience made him realised he had a love of hands-on engineering, which led him on a journey to go to University and get qualified as a high school teacher, so he could pass on his passion to the next generation of engineers and technical tradies.

Louise Azzopardi

Heavy Vehicle and Plant Mechanic

Growing up on a farm and developing a love of working with her hands sent Louise searching for a technical apprenticeship at just 15. In joining a male dominated industry, she battled through some archaic ideology and along the way she learnt the importance of 'just being yourself' which has made her the person she is today.

Morgan Purdie

Apprentice HVAC Technician

A love of hands-on learning at school led Morgan to seek out a technical apprenticeship in a male dominated industry. She discusses the challenges she faced along the way and the importance of choosing the RIGHT company to work for!

Jessica Kahl, BEng(Civil), DipProfPrac(Eng)

Civil Engineer

Jessica's journey has led her to develop a passion for raising awareness of the need for gender equality in engineering. As a result, she has dedicated the last 5 years to being a leader in empowering young women to pursue careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) with the goal of creating lasting, social change.

Viviana Braga, B Eng (Civil)

Tunnelling Engineer

In 2017, Viviana decided to immigrate to Australia to build and develop her engineering career. She used this opportunity to learn valuable new skills along the way, including English! Now she wants to inspire other women to consider careers in STEM.

Joe Guivarra

Mature Age Apprentice - Automotive Electrician

As a result of wanting a career change and a new direction; at 47, Joe Guivarra could quite possibly be, the oldest first year apprentice in Australia right now!

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